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We could say that we are simply the best, but then you know there is nothing simple about getting a Type Rating. It's hard work, time consuming and can be very costly. Plus there are a few sharks out there willing to take advantage of Pilots.

Well let's get it straight from the beginning; SimCorp is run by Pilots that are still out there flying the line and want to contribute their knowledge in keeping Aviation and honorable industry. We believe in providing you with the very best of Training in a time effective manner and for a fair cost. You're not going to get a great Mercedes for the price of a Kia but you know that you can get a great deal with a warranty when you buy from a reputable and certified dealer and they give you the support you need without all the sales hype. That's SimCorp; we are not going to hound you with marketing & sales calls. You tells us what you want and we'll give you the information.

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